07 YZ450F Leaking clear/yellow fluid from bottom right of engine.

Hey Everyone! Well my worst nightmare came true. Just bought a bike on craigslist, didn't notice any issues when inspecting it. I got it home and it's leaking a Clear/Yellow fluid fairly rapidly when running. I've read around a bit and I think it's coolant. There is a gasket and a hole of some sort (maybe the weep hole? I've heard it referenced but don't know where it is) that seems to be leaking. I've read some posts saying the engine could be overheating if you're having coolant leaks, other said something about a water pump gasket...I'm lost and not sure how to procede

See Picture https://www.dropbox....si5yqte/450.jpg

1. Any Idea what would cause this?

2. Is it normal for that gasket to stick out like that?

Thanks for any help you guys can give!

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thank you so much for your help! The top end of the engine has supposedly just been redone, if there is an issue with too high of compression could that be the root cause?

Just trying to make sure I don't replace the water pump seal and realize I have a much bigger problem

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... if there is an issue with too high of compression could that be the root cause?

Nope. The only compression related cooling system problems (apart from just the extra heat) would be with a leaking head gasket, which should still even then not have caused this, and would have shown other symptoms. By the looks of the stain, it's been doing this for a while, and it's not an uncommon leak. Reading through the first post I linked to should provide all necessary info on the procedure and the things to inspect.

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