650 valve adjustmet link??

I know there is a good link to 650 valve adjusment procedure, but I have lost the info. A little help anyone??



Which 650, L or R. :)

I am assuming that you are talking about a XR650R.

If you don't already have a shop manual look here:

Off-Road.com that was the one, thank you :)

thanks for the link - just found my feeler gauge so iam going to give it a shot

? should i warm the bike up first or is cold ok

thanks jeff :)

For accuracy, you ALWAYS want to check the valves when the engine is stone cold.

thanks....... ok i just checked them they seemed kind of tight i opened them up a little - i followed the link. the bike fired right up when i was done and seems quieter. i hope i did this right LOL :)

jeff :D

On the 650R, do they tighten (a la VW) or loosen over time?

They tend to tighten up over time, particularly the intake valves.

Anybody know of instructions as to valve adjustment on a 650L?

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