New to 4 strokes 05 YZ450f

Hey guys I'm new here and new to 4 strokes. I come from a back ground of an 01 RM125 and an 01 Yamaha banshee. I now own a 05 YZ450f. I had a couple questions about it. Most I can figure out on my own such as oil type and stuff. I might be new here but I'm not new to forums and I know what a pain it is to read the same types of posts over and over instead of just using the search bar. But I have a question I'm not sure the search bar can answer. My bike back fires insanely bad on decel and stalls when idling. I turned the fuel screw all the way up and started going backwards. Before I could get to a good idle speed I realized my fuel petcock was leaking. Then I checked the air box and noticed a small amount of gas mixed with dirt in the air intake. Are these 2 things related? The oil does not smell like gas so I'm hoping the valve is still doing its job for now. I ordered a new petcock as well. Also I plan to change the oil soon so if gas did get in hopefully it will all be flushed out. Sorry for the long post and I appreciate any help

Also here is a picture of it for those that are gonna ask lol ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1368024661.556100.jpg

Thanks, I have the bike running better without popping now, but I am still unsure of how the little bit of dirt and gas is getting in the air intake right past the filter. I know where the dirt is coming from but what about the gas? Is it coming from my leaking fuel petcock?

The gas was coming from the bad backfiring you were talking about. You said you have it running better now so there shouldn't be any. This is not normal. However some popping on decel is normal on these bikes.

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