DRZ v. 426

I bought a DRZ400E about five months ago after my buddy told me it was awesome. I was coming off an 83 Honda XR250 so ANYTHING would have felt great compared to that! The power on the DRZ feels pretty good although I have had trouble jetting properly but the bike feels heavy and when landing it on a jump it feels REAL heavy. In addition, the suspension feels fair..

Has anyone dumped their DRZ and gone to a 426 and could you comment? Is the 426 ready to go bone stock or am I going to have to spend a bunch of money on it after I get it? Is it hard to start??

Is their any changes from the 01 to 02 models?

To comment on the YZF compared to the DRZ could go on forever. I have had many motocross bikes from kx125's and 250's to even a CR500 (how can anybody ride that thing). By far the 426 in my opinion is the best race bike money can buy right now. Anybody read the MXA article on CRF VS. YZF. Kudos to them I couldn't agree more. The 426 is my 1st fourstroke since my trusty ole' 87 XR200r and I must say their is just nothing that could compare to my 01' YZF.

I have not had a chance to ride a DRZ but obviously it was Suzuki's answer to the 426 but I can say that it is probably a world of difference between the 2. If Motocross Action said all that great stuff about the YZF Vs. the CRF then I can only imagine that the DRZ falls way short. Not everyone may agree but I think the majority of 426 owners will tell you to dump the DRZ and get a 426 you won't be disappointed. I would sell my 2000 ZX9r to keep my 426 if I had too.

Live to ride.....Ride to Live!!! :)


I have an 01' YZ 426, and a friend of mine had a DRZ 400 that I have ridden many times.

The DRZ 400 was not meant to be Suzuki's answer to the YZ 426. If anything, it was meant to battle against the XR 400 or perhaps the WR 400.

I weigh 200 lbs. and I don't have any problem when jumping my YZ. There is plenty of power, you won't need to do anything there. I added a flywheel weight and geared down 2 teeth on the rear sprocket because I do 90% of my riding in the woods.

The YZ is about 30 lbs. lighter than the DRZ, has a lot more power, and much stiffer suspension.

The DRZ is a fun fast bike, but it's no comparison to the YZ.

Get one, you won't be dissapointed.

Also, It's NOT hard to start. If you follow the easy drill, it starts right up.


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i had the same problem when it came time to buy.

i looked at three bikes(drz+yz+wr)all seemed to have advantages an disadvantages bottom line was

which bike would "I" have to least modify to do what i needed to do.the winner was the yz,i ride tight woods and i am a fairly big guy(6'4" 220lbs)but an agressive rider, the yz only needed a flywheel weight to be right for me, jetting is fine stock and after a couple of rides i figured out how to start it 1-2 kicks no problem,it just comes down to being honest with yourself as to what"YOU" need out of a bike.this is what worked for me,hope this helps.


There are two posted topics that you may find helpful on the DRZ400 discussion page.

1-DRZ VS WR Thinking of Switching (title is something like that)

2 - Handling and Stability at Speed (My topic - have gained some interesting insight.)

I have a DRZ and WR and am trying to determine which one to keep and which to sell.

Mike M

the two bikes are totally different...with a 426, just put new bars on it and ride it like a raped ape...it feels lighter, more power and way better suspension. i have owned both and love my 426, starting is not a problem at all

Yep, all you need on a YZ is new bars, mine starts 1st or 2nd kick every time.

The '02 model has:

<ul type="square">[*] Remapped ignition[*] Suspension changes[*] Lighter but stronger swingarm[*] New front hub[*] 245mm Rear disk[*] More forward-positioned handlebar mounts

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