Carb troubles

Having a problem with my carb at slow speed.With the throttle between the closed position and before 1/4 throttle it has like a lean gurgle.While trying to just cruise on the trail it will stumble and pop out the exhaust,its not constant but still very annoying.If I nail the throttle it will take off fine and be steady and it idles perfect.I changed the pilot jet to a smaller 42 with no difference so I then tried 1 bigger than stock at a 48 and still does it.It seems to be worse on colder days,this sunday was warm and it ran fine but Monday when I went for a ride it was cold and it ran bad in that throttle range.I took off the carb tonight to clean it good,I found a lot of fine sand or dirt in the throttle slide area but nothing in the fuel part of the carb.The throttle slide plate looks worn to me along with the side of the carb it slides against,can this cause the symptoms I have?The carb is now clean but couldn't really try it tonight but from the little ride around the yard it still seems to be there.

EDIT: forgot to mention its a 07 yz450.

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