White Bros. R-4 slip-on Questions????

Hey guys,

I must say I think that the best money I have ever spent or charged (ha ha) is on my 01' 426. I am pondering on buying the r-4 slip-on vs. just keeping the bike stock. My bike absolutely ripps (5th gear wheelies downhill), just wondering if anyone has this slipon with the stock headpipe and have left jetting stock. I have posted a similiar topic on this muffler but would just like a little more info before I drop the $175. How about sound increase or power gains. As far as I am concerned the louder the better. I would prefer to just install it and leave everything else stock. any info is greatly appreciated,

Thanks!! :):D Any cheaper anywhere than $175.00

Live to ride....Ride to Live!!

Hey Frank,

Where did you find it for $175? The best I've found is $239!!!!




Actually that might be a little cheap, I can get it for about $190 through Parts Unlimited (about 10 dollars over cost). That is through my local parts shop not a dealer. I work for a BMW dealer and can get parts for cost plus 25% so it is still alot better than your or my local bike shop charges. Just can't decide if I need to spend the extra dough for this pipe it already has that kick ass sound!!

Yeah - my bike does sound pretty tough. At least I thought so until my friend mounted a R4 slip-on on his 01'426. Holy Sh!t - that thing sounded baaaad assssss! Yes, it got louder but I ride MX and don't care. I rode it and with stock jetting, it pulled like a bitch. It seemed to be a midrage and up pipe. I am definitely going to get one but I gotta wait till after X-Mas.



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