DOT Pirelli MT-32?

Need a DOT approved tire for some street use and a lot of off road sand in Utah. Sometimes the terrain is rocky on hill climbs. Have heard the Pirelli MT-32 front and rear might be good for this application vs the D606. I've read past threads and it seems a lot of good feedback on Michelin Baja, Kendra Trackmaster, and the Teraflex but I didn't see too much on this tire. Any feedback on this tire would be great.

BTW this is for a 02 WR426 with a dual sport kit.

I use the MT 32 rear and it wears well and works well. It isn't cheap though.

Even the best tires wear quickly on the street.

I was going to try some Maxxcross tires next time.

A buddy of mine bought some "Kings" brand tires. He has a 2003 DRZ400S and these tires where DOT legal, but looked like the big aggressive knobs I have on my WR426! I found a link, but a the time, it wasnt responding. Its right here if you want to take a look.

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