Anybody have Moose Radiator Guards with 12/13 WR450F?

Does it fit and easy to install? Any comment on it? Thanks!

Does it fit and easy to install? Any comment on it? Thanks!

These are the guards I ran on my 09 WR, my brothers 06 WR and several friends bikes. They work great, are light, and relatively easy to install (compared to every other rad guard out there) unless you compare them to the GYT-R comparison really.


I have a 2012 WR450 and I bought the works connection rad braces.You just have to relocate a couple of electrical connectors(pretty simple).The directions said to trim rad shrouds but I was able to reinstall without trimming.They fit real nice and stick out just below shroud with a works connection emblem.feel real solid.About $95.Happy with them so far

I bought the moose to install my my 12'. It was too bad but, one side is different than other. So, I suggest actually following the instructions step by step.

Anyway, I think they are well worth the time and money.


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