Skid Plate suggestion on 12/13 WR450F

How about Works Connection and ACD Racing skid plates?




Works Connection is $125 at  No thickness given.  Holes cut to drain oil without removing skid plate. Connection allows frame flex.







ACD Racing is $110 on ebay. 4mm thick.











+1 Works Connection.  I like the coverage from it.

Just threw on the GYTR skid plate and really like it. The plastic one really just loved to pack in dirt (with foam inside). So far with the GYTR i haven't had issues, but that's with limited use since we have about a foot of snow on the ground : (

What kind of foam and how do you put it in?


I have a problem with mud packing also, but it seems like mud would eventually find it's way into the pores of that foam and it would be even more of a pain to clean. This makes me hesitant to try the foam. Without the foam I can get about 30-50% of the mud out when washing the bike without taking the skid plate off. Has anyone tried the foam and what were your results?

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I'm using it.  So far (two muddy rides), it is doing the job of keeping mud out.  I'm sure over time it will collect some silt but looks like it will reduce the number of times I have to remove the skidplate.  Before the foam, that was after every ride. 

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