Please HELP!

So I have a 98yz400. I'm trying to find a part, but nobody can tell me what it is, and no schematic actually shows the piece I need. Called the Yamaha shop and the guy had no idea what I was talking about and said if its not in the layout then it can't be bought separately which I find hard to believe. Anyways it's on the throttle linkage side of the carb, and the bike won't run correctly without it. It is a small piece of plastic kind of shaped like a stretched u. It bolts on where the bolt goes through to hold onto the throttle linkage and its only job is to depress the actuator rod to the accelerator pump. There's no name for it in the book, and nobody can help. It sucks as I'm trying to sell the bike or trade it for a truck as I was in the military and now am disabled so I can not ride it anymore. I had a guy that was going to trade when I finished the carb rebuild as it sat for 7 years while I was gone. If anyone could please help it would be greatly appreciated. And sorry for such a long thread for such a simple question but I'm very frustrated and it seemed like a good idea until now. Lol thanks in advance

This is from a 2000 Suzuki DRZ, uses the same slant FCR. You need item #53 However, there was no listing for the item. So I suggest contacting Sudco

If you meant the plastic link, it is item #54 13490-29F10 - LINK LEVER, about $12.00 from the TT parts store.


Awesome ! Thank you, I have no idea why I didn't just look through the carb layout itself.. Although now I'm very confused as I have the flat cr mx. Yet all exploded pics I look at it shows 2 different link levers and Ive always had only 1?? Plus it also shows that the actuator rod it depresses is straight then goes to 2 90deg bends continuing vertically. And mine just has a single 90deg bend.. Will this matter?

The manufacturers carb layout us what I meant.. Lol

You would have been disappointed. The Yamaha fiche doesn't list it.

Former Marine?

Was in the army, as an explosives engineer. Yea this piece is crazy. Wish I still had both pieces of the broken one.. It would make fabricating one much easier

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