2012 WR 450 Rear Sproket

Hey guys,

My friend wants to change out his rear sproket to something of a little more harder hitting then the stock sprocket. I was wondering if any of you have played with different tooth set ups in the rear and what have you found? He is looking for something more of a motocross feel. I guess more bottom/mid instead of top end. So Im assuming he would go up in teeth on the rear? Thanks in advance!

Gearing isn't going to make it 'harder hitting' per se, that is a more a function of the power delivery from the motor itself. I'm a little confused on the 'motocross feel' thing, MX guys don't lug their bikes, they scream them, and typically want more top end, more pull and more overrev, which is the opposite of low/mid.

That said, you could gear the bike lower and it would feel snappier in each gear, but you'd lose top end, if that matters.

Perhaps a good question is where/how does your buddy ride? What is he trying to accomplish exactly? If wants an MX feel but has a WR, he bought the wrong bike.

EDIT: I just noticed you said 2012 WR... so it's got the FI. If you're buddy wants more snap/hit, he can do that via the FI maps. Have him get the GYTR comp ECU and tuner, and he can tune the power characteristics with that. Gearing may still be a part of that equation, but if he's looking to change the 'personality' of the motor, the FI tuning is the way to do that, not gearing.

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I use a 52 on the rear with a 13 stock in the front and found the tractability much better in doing climbs .

For a harder mid hit get a aftermarket tuner and free flow exhaust

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