Uni Filter-dust getting through?

I changed out the stock filter for a Uni. Is there a trick to getting a nice snug fit into the air box? It didn't seem to fit positively and I even found a light dust on the inside of the airbox after my ride. This dust really concerned me and was wondering if it was common or how to prevent or remedy it. Maybe I didn't use enough oil?

I have head of this before. --- I am on the UNI air filter side of the air filter wars. You need

the one with the frame in it not the refill. A lot of bike stores

don't know that there are two different ones or don't inform the

buyer. I have serviced a few pigs and have found some nice stories on

filters and have heard some good ones here. No Names and it's all a

learning thing. Had one that cleened his filter the best he could,

then oiled it and put it in his loving Oinker. Told me it ran a lot

better at see level. Must be rich. As I was taking it apart I removed

the filter. I have never seen a UNI hold that much oil. I asked if he

wrung it out after oiling it and said, he queezed it the best he

could. He was standing there when I took the frame out and

asked 'howed you get that out?' Then there is the guy that sprayed

oil on the frount and back and dosn't like that there is dust inside

his air box and the guy that used a UNI (without the frame)like the

stock filter and wants to know why dirt is getting by the filter. I

uncorked a bike in September that was way past brown (lucky a corked

bike is so lean) solid mud. Asked how often he cleened his filter,

The answer.....were was it? Needless to say uncorked, holes in the

cover, UNI, no back fire screen, rejetted, drilled out tip and the

baffles bent down in the muffler, Suspension done for his weight and

now it's way more of a monster of a bike than he ever dreamed it

would be. All this to tell you that if you cleen and oil the UNI

filter the way it was desinged to, it is a good flowing filter that

will keep all foriegn paticals out. I wash mine three or four times

with dish soap till I can't see any more oil or dirt in it, then dip

it in gas and watch the gas turn blueish black from the oil and dirt

that is still in it. Gas is not real good for the filter but, I like

cleen and buying another now and then isn't that bad. I do all the

filters at once (Lewis uses a big coffie can and I do that now also,

but with tupperwear) so, I have a can full of Golden Spectro filter

oil. I dip the cleen, dry filter in the oil, then wring out the

filter back into the can. When I am done put the lid on and that way

I save a lot of oil. Vasalean around the filter and make sure that the lip of the cover fits into the grove of the air box. I ride one of the dustiest places in Kalifornia and with a pile of riders all UNI's no dust in the air box. Even rubbed Vasileen inside the air box to catch any none.

I also run a Uni and I've never had a speck of dust when wiping out the airbox. I'm convinced I don't even need to wipe it, but old habits die hard.

Great info. Sounds like one of my problems is lack of oil. I use a can of that Uni Filter oil. I sprayed in on both side. I didn't put nearly enough on to require ringing of the filter element. I do have the metal structure which slides into the filter.

I'll also try the vasoline trick. Thanks.

This went around on the XR650R Yahoo group. Guy was real upset with the UNI. He and another guy were convinced they are trash. Then came to find out nether cleaned or oiled them right. I like the Golden Spectro because it comes in quart bottles (32oz) for less the the price of 16 oz spray can and works great. There are others that that are just as good or better. It's not as sticky one of the others I have used and gets a little lumpy and chunky when cold. But, I still like it.

I oil my filter w/ the spray on oil on both sides and then use a grease gun to run a bead of greaze around the perimeter of the air box.

Heavy spray then wring it out to make it even and remove the extra, would work but, the foam air filter was made to be saturated all the way through with oil to catch big dirt in the first layer the dirt between the layers and dust in the thicker layer. Most that spray there filter are just putting a layer of oil on the outside of the filter.

Here is the UNI care sight to show how to take care of the filter:

http://www.unifilter.com/caremaintenance.htm :)

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