What's your favorite big bore YZ-F you've owned?

Just for fun, between the 400's, 426's, and 450s, which bike of was "the one" that you had your best times, memories, and experiences on. Possibly the one you wish you still had in the garage but you sold. Maybe it's your current ride. I'm a two stroke guy thick and through but I really missed the stock 2002 YZ426F I had...EVEN though I sold it in favor of buying a 01 yz250 because I preferred my buddies 03 yz250 to the 426f , I still miss the 426 more than either of the yz250s. Something about it, cool bike!

I by far prefer my BB/stroker YZ250f over my 450 in every terrain...but the sand.

I have never ridden a 250f before so I can't comment on it, but sounds like a great bike

I've had a 01 426f, 09 450f and a 2010 450f

the 01 was good back in the day. but the handling on the 09 so much better. I never did put a 03+ exhaust cam in the 426f which would of made it even better.

the 2010, I rode twice and was not a fan. felt weird to sit on, induction noise, had crazy power on the mx track arm pump TPS the max. I could of tamed it down and played around but I didn't

the 09 was the one I wish I kept, even between all my other bikes (04 rmz, 02 kx250, 01 yz250, 09 yz250, 2008 crf250, 2011 crf250) the 09 yz450f wins =p

all though I just picked up my new rmz so think that's about to change

My first bike ever is still the one I look back on the most fondly. It was a 00 yz426 I got back in 03 when I was around 15. It developed the famous knock noise from the worn out key way on the crank. My buddy who was turning pro until he had a bad crash had a trainer/coach/mechanic that was a Yamaha R&D developer and we took him the bike and he worked his magic on it and around a week later and 45 bucks there was no more knock and the best running bike I have ever ridden. I sold it in 06 to buy a brand new xr650 to become Johnny Campbell but that did not work out to say the least lol and I hated the bike. In 08 I bought a 06 model year yz450 brand new and liked it but still was not my old 01 yz426. After a multi year hiatus I bought a 03 yz450 ex pro bike and I can honestly say I have it dialed in about as good as I can I think and even though it is far superior to my 01 yz426 I had,I still wish I had the 426 in the garage.

My favorite is my 2006 478 Athena big bore with Hot cams stage 2 cams. Bike rips top to bottom. Lots more power then a stock 450. A world better then my 06 WR450, and still faster then my 06 YZ295 2 stroke. There all fun in there own way though.

Sounds like an impressive machine! A yz295 takes the cake for though haha

My 03 450 is still my favorite, the thing just had motor in spades, my suspension shop hit on a great setup for me and I really loved how it handled.

My 00 426F takes it. I always liked that bike better than my 06 and STILL regret ever getting rid of it to get the 06.

I hear you cowboy. The 06-09 yfz's don't really interest me but all the old steelies are just cool. Never road the 03-05 450 though. Would love to try the 4 speed

My '11, but it is the ONLY Yz450f I've owned lulz

Risen plenty though.

Not quite as awesome as the old Cr500 or Ktm540 2-bangers but still heaps of fun :-)

Lol^ I almost bought a brand new 2012 yz450f but all my buddies ride sport quads so I bought a leftover Raptor 700r. Better suited for the riding I do. I have an kx125 to play on but my next bike will be a yz250 or kx500 most likely.

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