Is my clutch fried?

Im not sure how to tell by looking at it but my bike is acting like the clutch is going out. About 4 or 5 of my friction plates look like this. Could anyone tell me if its fried? & if so, what do you reccomend i replace them with? I was thinking about the hinson high performance clutch plates but idk.


Hard to tell by the pics. What bike is it out of? I would just go with stock.

Hard to tell by the pics. What bike is it out of? I would just go with stock.
its out of an 06 yz450

hard to tell by pic. looks like there could be a groove there ?

what's it doing ? dragging ? slipping ?

measure your clutch springs.

go genuine, yamaha do a genuine full kit now. all fibres, steels, springs and gasket.

you prob wanna file the edges of the clutch basket too.

I bought new fibers from Yamaha through my dealer at $13/fiber. I usually get a 15% discount, so idk if that factored in. Get the factory Yamaha stuff for sure. Unless the steels are scored and/or grooved, you can probably do some light sanding to get the glaze off them. That's what rekluse recommends, at least. Your call.

look at your manuel and measure with a micrometer, really the only way to check. Hinson clutches are good, but they are very expensive. I think its like 1000$ for full setup

You need to measure it per the manual. Lay the plates on a piece of glass and measure any warpage, then measure the thickness. This these meet spec then there is no need to replace the steel plates, just sand them to break any glaze. Measure the thickness of the friction plates to determine if they are good. You should also measure the spring length and spring force.

If you are going to replace them, Hinson and DP both make good clutch plates, but I think best bang for your buck are OEM Yamaha or KG clutch factory (KG makes the OEM Yamaha plates, they are identical).

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