Have a WR450F, Andriod phone, and aftermarket taillight?

I am looking for someone who has a WR450F (preferrably 2012+), an android phone and either a DRC or Baja Designs (other brands welcome too) taillight. This is to help me with a project I'm working on right now:

If you could please install the free "GPS Status" app because it has a lux measurement to measure light. Hold the face of your phone perpendicular to the taillight at the same height as the taillight. The light needs to hit the phone square because the lux value will change depending on the angle. In a completely dark area stand 4'-4" away from the taillight. Record the shown lux value for the running lamp and then again with the brake light activated. Now move back to 10'-0" and take the same two measurements. I have a soon-to-post write up on this project and want some general comparisons to other options available to us. Thanks!

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