Grip Install Please help!!

Hello all,

I am installing grips on my new renthals and would like to know what you guys use for glue. We used to use Aqua Net in the bike shop, but I don't know if that would work on the motor.



I used some spray paint inside the grips, worked fine. In fact, the grips are now pretty worn out, so it's time to change them, and they haven't slipped yet.

spray paint and safety wire.

I use GaskaCinch. It's a contact cement type gasket sealer sold in some auto parts stores. Sticks great and is very easy to cleanup when it comes time to replace grips. It's very similar to the grip glue shops sell but it's a fraction of the price (an 8 oz can is like 3 or 4 bucks).

Womens Hairspray. :) Just dont let her catch you with it. :D

Then wrap them wire in at least three places!

You'll be set!

Thanks guys,

I am going to try and use the Aqua Net hair spray trick. Then I will wire them. I might throw a little spray in my hair too. Just to give me that real hip look. HaHa.

Thanks again,


I'd try 3M's spray 77 adhesive. Then use an air compressor nozzle to spray into grip as you insert it onto the bar. This makes it go on real eaaasssyy! :)

What type and size of wire does everyone use and where do you buy it?

I use standard safety wire you can buy at the bike shop or get a large spool online from Baha Designs or others. Safety wire has the right properties to allow you to twist it tight and not worry about it wanting to spring back and unwind like standard wire.

honda grip glue !!!

Believe it or not WD-40 and wire works great!!!I read it in dirt rider a couple of years ago and have been doing it ever since.It has to set over nite,but works very well.. :)

PBDBLUE, I just noticed your' list of bikes and I too have had several of the same, but the one I thought stood out the most was the IT 490. That bike had every making of the present bikes; descent suspension and handling. But what I remember most was the power, 5th gear wheelies, blazing top end and reliability were the hallmark for the IT I owned. One bike I wish I hadn't gotten rid of. I actually have thought about a vintage restoration on one if I could find a reasonable one. Sorry, just dreaming. :)

1. Wrap bars with friction tape. 2. Douse friction tape with gasoline. (WD40 works too) 3. Slide grip on. 4. Let sit a few minutes. 5. Safety wire. 6. Done. Also, when it's time to remove the old grips you can cut through the old grip and tape with a razor blade and there will be no mess from any glue to clean up before putting on a new pair. :)

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