Cheap Wheels for the 6-fitty??

Does anyone here know of a good source to buy OEM or better wheels for a XR650? Is truly the best price?

Service Honda is one of the least expenesice places to buy OEM parts from. is another place to check out and they price their parts online just like Service Honda. Sometimes they beat out Service Honda, but not usually.

Check out this link for these hubs and wheels. I've never owned RAD hubs, but their web site has been on my favorites list since I've been contemplating another set of wheels

I once thought about installing heavy duty spokes on my stock wheels/hubs, but I've seen and read several accounts where the stock hubs have cracked with heavy duty spokes, so I'll be considering either talon or RAD hubs when I get to that point.

Cool! Thanks for all of the good info!


There is a rear wheel going for about $250 on e-bay now but I'm sure it will go for aroung $400

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