2009 yz450 or newer model

Just looking for opinions on which version of the yz you think handles better? Or which bike did what better? The latest design or the 2009? Thanks mike

i had an 08 pretty much the same as 09 it was a godam moped i sold it and got a yz 250 2t, just got a 13 yz450 friggin awesome!

I preferred my 09 to my 2011, but this thats just me.

I preferred my 09 to my 2011, but this thats just me.

Can you explain why? Thanks

Can you explain why? Thanks

just the overall design. hated the induction noise. just sitting on it felt too wide. the 09 is a lot narrower. air filter position something to get used to.

the bike had crazy power. I could of tuned it down but I didn't bother. I only rode it twice. i get over things pretty quickly haha.

my 09 was stock and I loved it

the 11 in its standard form, not so good.

only got it because I was working at Yamaha at the time.

2 positives though......

1. while working at the dealer i never seen one fault or warranty issue. super reliable. Yamaha got it right 1st go when the 2010 was released.

2. I could wheelie it until the road ran out =p

Thanks for the input mate

Anyone else

Loved my 09' but it did have cornering issues

My 12' is amazing all the way around

I have a mrd can just as much top end as the 09'

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