MS-Word microfiche for YZF426FM

To all ThumperTalk members,

If you would like an MS-WORD version of the Yamaha microfiche for the YZ426F year 2000, email me at the following address.

[ November 27, 2001: Message edited by: DaveJ ] more thing.

Don't forget that some ISPs and e-mail accounts have file size limitations.

If you requested the file from me, and don't get it within an hour or so, this may be the cause.


File size compressed is 2.1 megs.

I got the file DaveJ...very impressive! That must have taken a long time to do! It will be on my website within a week or so.

I normally use a hotmail account and this file wont work in hotmail because the file limitation is only 1024k. Just letting you guys know! Later,


By the way, for those of you that have received this file, let me know of any corrections or updates.

I'll re-post if any changes are made.


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