Differences between 2006 YZ & WR450 forks

Does anyone know if they are different in any way?

What's the word... Completely. Two totally different designs internally.

Why are we asking?

Need a set of Yz forks but didn't know they were that different.

What about the new WR forks? Are they the same as YZ, I know there SS type, but heard they were from a WR250F?

The 2012 WR uses the same twin chamber fork that the YZ does, but the earlier models back to '05 use the 48mm open bath fork. Not the same as YZ/YZF.

What about 06 to 07 yz, are they the same? Is 250 and 450 the same?

Yes, and yes. The differences in the forks are the length of the stem, which you can change out easily enough, and spring rate and valving, but you'd need springs and valving anyway.

The stem on the trees correct? What about differences between 250 & 450? Is the caliper the same size as 06?

The '06's were all the same caliper. The '07 250F changed to the smaller one now used, but the 450 didn't change until '08. Not certain about the 250 2T

06 and 07 yz450's are the same besides the stem? I don't mean to beat a dead horse but I'm getting different answers from some. Thanks again for the help.

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Except for valving, the '06 and '07 are the same. Stem and all. The '08 had a shorter stem by 5mm, and used a smaller caliper.

The YZ250F had a stem 12mm shorter than the 400/426/03-07 450

Just received an 06 yz rear shock to replace my 05 wr shock. The compression canister is obviously fatter then my wr, not to sure its gonna fit.

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