New to me 04 YZ450

I just lucked into a killer deal. A bike that I know the complete history has been sitting for 2 1/2 years. It was on a stand with a tarp over it. The plastic was Polisport and had faded to the point that it was brittle. I got it for $1000. Cleaned the carb, new gas, new plastic, new fork seals, changed the oil and gave it a going over. Looks and runs great.


Probably not very good pics.

YZ450_1.JPGYZ450_2.JPGThe Herd.JPG

Deal of the century haha. Very nice looking bike.

Do the o-ring mod on the accelerator pump, put on an aftermarket muffler and go ride it. They don't handle especially well, but tons of power.

It's got a White Brothers on it already. I haven't looked into the accelerator pump. I'll check it out.

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