trail tech flywheel no marks now what help

Boy I feel like an idiot. Doing a top end/ timing chain replacement on my 04 yz450f. Dissassembled and ordered parts. I've had this bike close to a year and its my first dirt bike I've had since I was a kid some I'm learning. Not new to engines however. I've figured out this was set up as a woods bike and just figured out this morning when I started reassembly that it has a trail tech 30 flywheel installed. Couldn't find timing marks so I looked up trailtechs website and read the installation manual which clearly says "the flywheel has NO timing marks use the oem for reference. I don't have an oem. Now what? Keyway line up maybe?

note: I did read the cam change sticky but I guess my true question would be how to verify without the flywheel marks or is the keyway accurate enough(relative to whos eyeballing)

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Find TDC by probing through the spark plug hole with a Phillips screwdriver, or similar.

Ignore the cam swap sticky. It's for using the '03 and later cams in older engines, and has nothing to do with how to set up your stock '04.

I actually meant cam chain swap. I didn't know if the piston had enough dwell at TDC to put you off a tooth either way. I guess with such a short stroke it would be doubtful thanks.

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