Looks like I'll be sending for some parts - if I'm lucky.

Before (early last week) and after(Friday evening) shots of my YZ450F (plus my YZ250). Trailer rear ended on the motorway on the way to a speed hill climb event. I'll be needing new Fastway brush guards from the USA - they helped protect the trick Magura brake caliper in a scenario they were never designed for.

Serious technical question. I realise I need to have the frames of both bikes checked properly on a jig if they are to be repaired but is there a rough and ready way to tell quickly if they are twisted? I can check wheel alignment pretty easily myself. The headstocks don't show any obvious cracks. The fork legs don't seem bent or even twisted in the yokes, but seeing as the front of the 450 helped put a large dent in the back of my van and smash the back window it makes me wary. Possibly looking at a 'total loss' situation given the age and market value of the bike but I'd much rather get it back to usable.

Nobody hurt fortunately. Even the driver of the car that hit us - who was arrested.


DSC00948 by 72 Degrees, on Flickr


YZcrash2 by 72 Degrees, on Flickr

Ooops - posted to wrong section how do i move it to YZ400/426/450, or which section would be most suitable?

That's a pisser.

Surprised that happened to you on a UK Motorway. I lived there for a few years and have to say that you guys are some of the most attentive drivers I've come across. Bad luck.

Happens every day here in California as 99% of the people behind the wheel are completely in-attentive idiots.

Hope you get proper comensation.

Drivers get inattentive when they have drunk enough alcohol to be well over the legal limit. I'm referring the claim to a "no fault" accident loss specialist so the other driver's insurance will have to pay for any checking of the frames to see if the bikes can be safely repaired. Just wanted to get an idea in advance of how much repairs might cost by at least adding up the cost of any parts . Obviously a bent frame would make the 450 beyond economical repair. It will definitely need at least a new radiator, front brake disc (trick ABE supermoto), front wheel rebuild and possibly rim (Talon hub/Excel rim). Guess I'll just wait for the insurance assessor.

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