Fmf gnarly

I have been considering getting a gnarly for my 2005 kx 250 is that a good pipe for this bike I am almost always on single track mountain riding and was just wondering if that is a good pipe for mountains

Quite a bit more power down low. I went from a pc to a gnarly. Couldn't be happier. I ride primarily mountain single track as well.

I generally agree that the Gnarly pipe is an excellent choice, but since I've had a Noleen pipe(KX 250)...I won't go back to a Gnarly. BTW, I have 2 other off-road bikes with FMF Gnarly pipe insalled, and won't be swapping them out.

I have a Gnarly on my 07 and it works well for single track riding. I also shimmed my powervalve governor with a 1mm thicker shim and retarded the timing for a nice increase in bottom end and a smoother low to mid transition.

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