1973 XR75 K0 unrestored original pics , who else has one ?

I posted some pics of this bike a while back ,,, pretty good while but anyway this one took me from 1985 to 2010 to buy it ! thats 25 years ! its an XR75 k0 the original owner bought it for his son and it was hardly ridin at all was put in a building where it sat untouched for near 38 years , it was dirty and grimy when I finally dug it out but has cleaned up well , I got back interested in it recently and have been cleaning and detailing it replaced a few nut and bolts that were tarnished painted the pipe , here are some better pics of it , original tractor grip tires , all original paint except the pipe ,,





Sweet! how much did ya pay?

I have found the best way to do a photo of an XR75 is to place it in front of a bigscreen TV and play on any sunday while taking the photo LOL


paid $600 for it ,





Gorgeous. I was riding a CT70 and lusting after one of those in 73.

Probably sold for less than that new. :)

I know CT's go for 4 or 5 times what they cost new. Crazy

the original owner of this XR75 bought it new at ATLAS honda in bristol VA he paid $495 for it , it still has their sticker on the back fender

XR75k0 16.jpg

i bought a 1980 xr80 for $495 , otd, my cousin's son still rides it. Wish I had an odometer on that thing. Great find.

Yeah .. The KO is one of my favourite bikes , I was there in 73 when they were released , I asked , begged , pleaded for my dad to get me one .

My request's fell on deaf ears :cry:

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I missed the 73's release but fell in love with the look later , in 1977 ? or 1978 ? was driving by the honda shop with my dad and saw a 1975 XR75 used sitting out front we stopped and looked at it the price was $200 dollars dad would not buy it he said it was to much money , we went home I aggravated him all day ! he went back the next day and got it ! got rid of it after a few years cause I outgrowed it ? &%$#@! ? yea ! LOL

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That thing is nice. I was just a little young for this generation but I had a 78 that I rode all over the place.

that thing looks sweet. i have a rolling frame with a bottom end from a 1975 xr75 in my basement that i want to get going one day

That was my very first dirtbike. Xmas present when i was 9..... Ill try to dig up some pics

awesome old school xr! Big fan of the small cc 70's era bikes, building a 75' XL125 myself

I have been working on this bike a lot lately been working on it about every evening after work , this bike is difficult to work on because it is so original the few things it needs have to be either perfect used or NOS honda , for example I had cleaned on the flywheel stator cover the little round one that says honda it was pitted and could not be polished to look good enough SO ! I needed a NOS one thats all their was to it , I hunted for a few days and found an older honda dealer that had one sitting on his parts shelf NOS still sealed in the plastic ! I simply called and ordered it ! $33 bucks ! AWESOME PART ! I then cleaned and repainted the big cover , the footpegs were starting to look bad so I cleaned those and repainted them , also I noticed a lot of the bolts were dull ? so I sat down and hunted a truck load of original NOS honda bolts , im still detailing on it gonna repaint the clutch cover next , check out my progress ,,,,,, I am only going to work on the items that have to be improved , the frame tank fenders side plates and really most of the bike will still be original the work im doing will just enhance it ,,,,

xr75 progress.jpg

I also found a set of rear shocks taken off a new bike they look great !

Great work

There is one for sale over here ( down under ) it's as nice as yours , $6000.00

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