WR250F Rear Shock Absorber PROBLEMS

Looking for help....

My rear shock on my 06 WR250f seems to be having decompression problems. When I sit on the bike (compress the shock) it stays at a lower level than normal i..e not decompressing properly. I can then get it back to its original position by hoisting the bike up to fully decompress the spring?

I am assuming its just over time that the shock has lost some compression but i have no idea. Will take any help/advice


More likely its linkage or swingarm bearing

Lower shock bearing is probably seized. They require regular greasing on these bikes to stay smooth.

Check those linkage swing arm and upper and lower shock bearings. Lube if they are still in ok condition. Replace if questionable at all. Also has the shock ever been rebuilt? It's definitely due for a rebuild, there's probably very little nitrogen charge left in the bladder from 2006

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