1989 xr600r question

I found a 1989xr600r locally that a guy is selling. He says it only has 200 miles on it and is like new. How are they to ride? I currently have a 2000 yz426 but would like to get something to dual sport. I have ridden xr650r(s) both factory stock and uncorked. What would the comparison be? What would the value of this bike be if it is as said? Thanks for any feedback!!!

I would have a hard time believing it only had 200 miles on it. You should be able to tell if it has been ridden a lot though. I bought an 89 xr600 5 years ago and it had been ragged out. It turned into a money pit so I sold it. I don't know how they are on the street. I guess if you could get it cheap and it looked to be in good shape it would be all right. I just bought a xr650 and if feels quite a bit faster than the old 600 did and I haven't uncorked it yet.

All my friends that own or have owned XR600's say the XR650R rides far better on the road.

The 89XR6 has a funky exhaust too, which makes it hard to find replacement parts if the need or want arises.

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