RPM'S surge when steering turned on my 2000 yz125

Hey all,my rpms surge when my steering is turned all the way to the right,now i know the problem ,the steering is pulling on the throttle cable.heres the issue,i can slacken the throttle cable so it doesnt happen when the stering is turned to the right but when its straight i dont get the crisp throttle response i like.the cable is routed proiperly so im not too sure what else i can do...hopefully someone has a fix.thx

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There is a threaded barrel adjuster on your throttle assembly, you could try to adjust it. Personally I would not ride it like that. The cable routing can be tricky, (behind the numberplate, under the tank) but if done correctly, there will absolutely not be any pulling on the throttle cable by turning the bars. Either that or your cable is too short. Also make sure that the cable is fully seated into the carb, and not hung up anywhere.

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Ye ive tried adjusting the barrel nut but like i said in the first post,its either too tight or too loose when steering is locked to the right.Right now the cable is routed behind the number plate,through the little metal routing cage?thing on the left side of the bike ,under the tank and between the two plates that afix to the top of the cylinder head.

The throttle cable has to be routed behind the front brake line( behind the number plate) and to the left of the number plate bolt. At least on my 2000 250.

dam it ive tried everything,this problem is ridiculous.anyone know if i should adjust the nut at the carb?whats its do anyways?

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