Too end

Is it easy to replace the piston and rings in a 04 yz125

Depends on what you think is easy. Typically if you have some motor skills, a service manual, and the correct tools it can be done in a night

blind chimpazees can rebuild top ends

blind retarded chimpazees can rebuild top ends


Well the rings are bad and I'm helping my friend with his bike and I'm pretty good at working on them I just don't know much about two strokes and do we have to take the engine off or can we do it with engine still on it

i leave the engine on the bike

just make sure when you go to take it out that you use the special blue tool provided by yamaha when the bike was bought. Otherwise dragons will fly out of your bike. Opening your bike is difficult, you should be careful.

There are a few good vid's on youtube that are extremely helpful.

Top end replacement is probably the most simple, involved engine work you can do. As long as the piston is facing the right direction, the ring gap is placed correctly, and the head bolts are (properly) torqued down it's impossible to mess up. Just be careful not to drop anything in the motor when you take the cylinder off. And don't reuse gaskets. You can leave the bottom end in the bike and do the work.

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