Speedo ? Help needed

Trying to road register my 400E. bought it couple months ago and since then

I have fitted headlight, stop/tail light, front and rear brake light switches,

Horn, and switch gear to operate headlight and horn.

I have also picked up a speedo that has an ignition barrel and key which I

Thought was handy.

The speedo came from a suzuki and appears to be perfect for the job.

Fitted the speedo and purchased a new speedo cable because mine was missing,

All was going well , I cleaned out the speedo drive at the front wheel and

greased it all up, seemed ok.

It now appears that the white plastic gear is worn out.

It appears that Suzuki don't sell it seperate.

Anybody know where I can get one. Or know anybody breaking a drz400

Because I also need a rear brake hose and a fuel tap assy

Cheers guys

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