Mud flap interchange?

I have a 2002 YZ250. My old one is pretty beat, and I figure I might as well replace it, since I'm dropping a bunch of money on the bike this week.

Yamaha lists p/n 5BE-21642-00-00 GUARD, FLAP for most bikes from 99-02. List price is stupid.

Yamaha lists p/n 5UN-21642-00-00 GUARD, FLAP for 03 and 05 two strokes. List price is cheep.

Yamaha's part number for the subframe is different every year from 2002-2004. Next year is Al main frame, so I didn't bother to look further.

UFO lists YA03804-001 for 99-08 if you do all the lookups. (I got tired of clicking, it probably goes to 2013).

Parts Unlimited lists their p/n 12-825 for UFO mud flap from '96-13 for two strokes, with a retail price of $14.95.

Cycra lists p/n 3877-12 for '04-10 and 03-09 YZFs. I like their products (hand guards, at least), and the list price is $12.95, better than anything else.

Anyone know for sure if the Yamaha '03/05 part will work on my '02? It's a no-brainer to get that, if it won't be a waste of time and money.

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Thanks for the confirmation.

Dang, that's probably the biggest waste of c.f. I've ever seen.

your welcome

looks like we'll have to agree to disagree on the second bit as i've just bought one :lol:

They do work, but the design did change a littl ebit when the "new" airbox came out in 02. I coudl have sworn the distanc ebetween the mounting screws changed, but maybe not. I do remember gettign the wrong one from ufo, though.

Yep I can confirm that they interchange from 96+. Broke the one on my 96 and threw the old one off the 08 on there. Bought one of those fancy CF parts for the 08 :smirk:

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