Keihin Jetting

08 Xr650L. From what I gather, needs to be rejetted to around 55 pilot, 158-160 main. I've seen the cross reference chart to Dynojet. Do I need 55/160 Keihin or Dyno? Thanks for all the help, I've been reading for two days and can't find anything 100%.


Those jet sizes are perfect for Keihin. Dynojet has their own numbers which are different.

Yep, no problem for you since you have a newer xr but for those who else might read the older ones have slightly different carbs and the jets will fit but are too long . If you have a lathe the pilot can be turned down to the correct size . The main can be shortened as well but not all the way. The true oem for older carbs can be hard to find.

Anyways here is what you need to read about modding your xr carb it works wonders. Changing the jets alone doesn't solve the throttle response issues.

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