kx85 question

Ok I was about to put this bike together and was about to ask a question,

I thought I bought an 02-05 cylinder that was sleeved. I am putting this on a 2001 bottom end and then into a 2006 bike.

My question was going to be the timing changed a bit in 2006, should I be using the 2001 cdi I have or the 2006 cdi?

Now though I noticed the exhaust pipe wont fit in the cylinder which tells me the cylinder is a 2001. I noticed the 01 and this cylinder have a thicker exhaust collar but small exhaust pipe fitting. I assume I can have this bored out a bit to fit the 06 pipe?

Once I do that, is the timing related to cylinder ports or the exhaust pipe, so should I be using a CDI the same year as the cylinder or the same year as the exhaust pipe.

Thanks for any tips

Well I thought I would easily get the exhaust port bored larger at a machine shop, but it would be cheaper to buy an aftermarket pipe than what they want to setup a maching for this one off job.

Any suggestions on what i could use to bore/hone out the exhaust port myself?

Unless you know exactly what you're doing, don't touch it. Porting on a 2 strokes ports can drastically change alot of things. Usually for the worst. Leave this stuff for the professionals. They have flow benches, CAD, CNC equipment & alot of understanding of how an engine reacts when certain things are done.

Port timing can easily be changed by adding or losing just a few thousandths of an inch.

These aren't your typical Honda B-18 4 banger head where you can just go in a polish up the runners a little.

Look into TDC (Brent) or Eric Gorr. This is what these guys do for a living & they're good at it.

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I guess I used the wrong term, I'm not working on the exhaust port.

My problem is despite my best efforts I ended up with a 2001 kx85 cylinder, which has a smaller exhaust collar I'll call it.

The slip on exhaust for this 2001 takes a smaller pipe, seems to actually be the same size as a 98-2000 kx80 or kx100 pipe.

The bike im planning to put this cylinder in is an 06 which has a larger pipe.

I actually found an old thread on here where you Sappers said that 01 -05 kx85's take the same exhaust pipe. I think you even called it an exhaust port too lol


But I'm now pretty sure that all kx85 cylinders 02-12 actually have the bigger exhaust collar and have the same factory pipe part number. Leaving 2001 cylinders as the only kx85 cylinders with a smaller collar that takes the older smaller pipe.

And despite me verifying with the seller the cylinder was newer it inevitably is a 2001.

I just tracked down a friend here who has a 99 kx80 pipe, so if that fits, I no longer need to have the exhaust collar on the cylinder made larger.

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If you have both pipes, you could have the 2001 collar welded on the newer pipe, or just use a 2001 exhaust. A machinist could make a collar pretty cheap. You may have to fab some mounts, but that would likely get you the best possible perfomance.

Sorry about your luck, but I was looking at a 2001 KX 85 and passed for parts availabilty / interchangability reasons because it was a one-year model. I have a 2001 KTM 50 with the same issues, can only get OEM parts because it was a one-year model.

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