Homemade rally fairing

So I made this out of a Honda 954 front fairing. I'm not sure if I want to keep it or not. I originally made it with the intent to put a headlight in it and use it on long rides, but have decided to go with another route. Let me know what you think. I realize some may like it :cheers: and some may throw up a little in their mouth :lame: , that's okay.






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Haha thats sick! If anyone is gona complain its gona be that the color doesn't match perfect but who cares. Gets the job done cheap. And what other route are you going??

Yeah, the red was free high quality paint, not rattle can, so I jumped on the opportunity to use it. My headlight I'm working on now, and almost finished with started as a Acerbis DHH dual light. I am making an enclosed headlight with a Bi-Xenon single projector light, one of a kind, should be totally sweet!

Started like this...




It just looks wrong ... All wrong

But hey ... It's only my opinion

Looks weird without the radiator shrouds all done up too.

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