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Why is my SFF fork so stiff?

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2011 KX250F SFF fork. Bought the bike recently and the fork is really stiff. Its riding high in the stroke and not harsh, just stiff. Can anyone tell me if there is something I'm overlooking here?

Comp - 16 out

Rebound - 12 out

Preload adjuster all the way at the softest setting

Spring says "race tech 80" on it so I'm assuming its a .80 which is the softest spring they make

130cc oil in spring side

340cc in valving side

Took apart inner chamber, rebound/mid valve has not been touched. The stock BV has 20 31x.10 shims followed by 18 30x.10 shims followed by a tapered stack after that. Someone completely removed 5 31mm shims and 4 30mm shims. They did not put them back at the bottom of the stack.

The ICS spring looks stock but I can't say for sure, forks are aligned correctly on the bike and are at stock fork height and tubes slide smoothly when dissassembled & at stock fork height. Shock is at 107mm sag and not overly soft.

I would think this fork should be diving under braking and slamming into the mid stroke...

Any help or insight would be appreciated!

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I had RaceTech fix mine on a 13 RMZ 450 and it is now perfect. The SFF need to get valved properly.

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