2012 ec250 kickstand

Any one figured out a way to make the kickstand less dangerous? If so please post pics.

I think those are for 2011 and earlier. I'll check again to make sure though. 2012 frame is different and doesn't have a mounting point ahead of the pivot.

No one has anything for the 12s.

Email Pro Moto billet and tell them to make a kick stand for it!

Email sent

Did anyone ever figure something out here?

My shin is still soar from mine.....

Pro moto billets response to my asking if they are working on anything for gas gas was idiotic. Said we don't make kickstands for gas gas but we have awesome foot pegs you should buy.

Well that was an interesting response from them...

They do make great footpegs though.

I am bound and determined to fix this auto stand.....

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