Stripped Oil Level bolt 99 300 exc

The oil level bolt will not tighten down on my 99 300 exc. Any suggestions as to a remedy for this, heli coil or ? Thanks for the help

Been there, done that, think I still have the tee shirt.

I got luck and only stripped out the outer threads, I was able to get a longer bolt and it caught the threads deeper inside the cover, still had to cut down the bolt so it didn't hit against the primary gear or clutch basket. If I was to do it again Helicoil is the best bet, be careful not to crack the case installing it and don't use the level screw again, much easier to just measure the 800cc and pour it in.

Mine is tight until the bolt is darn near seated then just spins, luckily, this is the case as I noticed it after the ride. I checked the oil after change, tightened the bolt and thought in my own ignorance that when it seated I was good! However, the vibrations from the ride, loosened the bolt until it caught threads and stopped or it could have been a whole lot worse for me.

If it wasn't for the jets getting clogged and making the bike run like it was out of fuel, I would have kept riding, blessings are in the goofiest places

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