salem arenacross compared to clark county

Has anyone been to clark county arenacross and salem? If so, how do they compare in track size? Clark county is very small and extremely tight. Live in Vancouver, wondering if it is worth traveling to salem. Thanks

I went to Salem back in October when they first opened and I visited Clark Co for the first time last night. It is tighter than Salem and the obstacles aren't as interesting. It was more fun for me though because I suck and don't go very fast and big jumps scare me. Salem is still tight, but not like Clark Co. It's got 4 long-ish straights. It's got a cool step-up/double combo that the fast guys make look way too easy. It's got a double-double combo on one of the straights that is pretty basic. They also have a rythym (sp?) section on one straight that is a double-double-triple all of which are pretty small, but interesting. On the downside, the night I went to Salem it was pretty crowded. They had 9 rider groups and the motos were pretty short. They don't start until 6:00pm instead of 4:00 at Clark Co. I think I only got 4 motos total. Also, they don't do gate starts. They do have some covered parking areas so get there at 5:00 when the gates open to get the best spots. It's $20 to practice.

I'd say it would be worth checking out at least once. For anyone that's serious about competing, riding on different courses and against different people would sure help.

I live in Hillsboro and the drive down stunk. Bring your little stress squeezy ball with you when you go (or take it out on the track). The drive back home was much better.

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