I have have the head off my bike because motor wouldn't turn.(thought was a broken valve) I'm trying to rotate the crankshaft by pulling on timing chain and motor wont budge. Does that mean my crankshaft is shot? You would think I could move it somewhat,...

You tried putting a socket wrench on the flywheel nut and turning it with that to see if the piston will move? Or are you pulling on the timing chain. Doesnt seem like a lot of leverage on the small gear for timing chain, but i guess maybe it should move it...havent tried that before, lol.

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Yes I tried socket on the flywheel nut. Wont budge, nut just loosens...

Timing chain could be bunched up at the crank, debris jammed in the primary gear, bent/broken rod...... I could go on.

Time to pull the flywhwwl, then the clutch off and work your way to the issue.

What made you remove the head in the first place?

I removed head because the kick starter wouldn't move. Everyone on here said probably was bent/broken valve. So pulled head off and all valves look good. And like I said, motor still is locked up. I can see the timing chain is not bunched up or anything on crankshaft. This all started when I started bike, it ran for 10 seconds and stalled. Went to kick start again, and kickstarter wouldn't budge a inch.

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You could of checked the valve simply by looking at the valve cleaence.

Either a rod failure or something jammed or interfering with the primary gears., Pull the right engine cover off.

Did you do anything prior to the motor locking up?

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