copper coat on the radiator cap

I had a bad head gasket and I just recently replaced it. Prior to installing the head gasket I sprayed it with two light coats of Permatex copper coat. I took it out last week for a couple of trail rides and it ran just fine, no issues with it like I had when the head gasket went bad. I was in Moab this last weekend and popped off my radiator cap and saw some of the copper coat spray on the rubber seal of my radiator cap.

My question is-Is this normal and nothing to worry about? Has anyone else who used the copper coat seen this?

Like I said the bike is running totally fine and doesn't have any issues like it did before. Perhaps the copper coat is coming off the head gasket from the areas where coolant is running through the gasket and accumulating on the radiator cap??

I think you answered your own question. Ride it, monitor the coolant. It is probably fine.

Thanks, I was just looking for a second opinion.

Yeah , it happened to me when I first started using it , I just applied too much .

Now I just use 2 LIGHT Coates , no more probs .

yep, had a little on the rubber- 2k miles and NO coolant leaks

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This is normal and will not hurt anything.

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