Yz426f carb help please!

I just bought a 2000 yz426f that needed a little work. Well after fixing everything that needed attention...the carb now leaks out of the bowl. Not out of the drain lines, but out of the actual bowl, it leaks pretty good too. I can only get the bike to start for a split second, and then it dies. Could this be a jetting issue? I feel like the carb is flooding very quickly. Also, when I pulled the carb out two of the three jets were all the way down, and one was 4.5 turns out. I am at 8,000ft above sea level...anyone know what proper jetting is for this elevation? Thanks in advance for the help, and I can't wait to get this baby up and running.

I also noticed the overflow line is busted off. I am just going to try to use some liquid aluminum or epoxy to reconnect that. You can also see where the gas is leaking from in this picture. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1368404493.396324.jpg

There are no adjustable jets inside the carb. The all should be seated (not to hard)

Your bowl cover has a continious gasket that goes around every screw hole. Inspect it.

If you get gas out of the over flow, your float needle is sticking. Take it out, inspect it. If you see any grooves in the rubber tip, replace it. If the seat it sits against has any pock marks, pull the carb.

Polish the float needle body and the cavity it sits in to remove the corrosion that is making it stick.

Buy a new bowl, or find a used carb that has an unbroken bowl. There are two types, a three screw and a four screw.

You have bigger issues than even being close to worrying about jetting.

Where could I buy just a new bowl, and not a whole carb? I bought this bike for $500 so I would like to keep everything inexpensive if possible.

Oh and my carb is a four screw, if that changes anything.

Find a used carb on eBay I just put a 08 carb on my 426 and they fit fine only thing is I had to get a new clutch perch to house the hot start. I'll check but I might be able to send you my old one I know the screw to drain the bowl is in bad shape.

Ya Sid I'd be down to buy your old bowl off you of it's decent shape. Well, as long as everything is in tact, it's in better shape than mine haha. I don't really want to buy a whole new carb because that would cost almost 50% of what I paid for the bike and I'm trying to keep this one cheap.

Google Sudco. They carry most parts for most semi-current Keihins.

Heres the pics of my bowl ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1368667820.938609.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1368667841.691479.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1368667865.391709.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1368667891.603068.jpg


Just sent you a pm.

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