restoring dirt bike plastics

I just bought a dirt bike its a great bike except for the plastics are in bad condition there sun burnt and faded from being out in the California high desert is there anyway I can restore the plastics back new or pretty close to it. I've seen the plastic restore kits they sell on eBay does anyone know if there any good.

You might be able to do something with them. Post up some pics so we can give our opinions.

Razor blade and a heat gun. Heat it up and scrape the plastics the old "film" comes right off and looks new!

I've seen someone use the heat method and the color in the plastics were as bright as when they were first made. Its not perfect but it looks good.

I saw some 600 sand paper that you wet and can use on car finishes so i'm thinking I will try this next instead of heat. I'll let you know how it goes.

There is actually videos on youtube about this. I have actually buffed old crappy looking plastic with a car polisher, and orange hand cleaner with the pumice. Worked not bad

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I'll post pics when I get home

For the love of God don't spray paint them.

This is beside the subject but what kinda bike?

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