Bike over heating

Just had the motor rebuilt and before never had a problem with over heating and now I can ride it around the yard and it will over heat any one have any ideas ??

Could be a leaking head gasket, pressure from inside the cylinder is being forced into the coolant system so it looks like over heating but it's really not. Just a thought as you mentioned the engine work.

Ill take a look at it thanks a lot

Who rebuilt the engine? Couple things come to mind for me. If right case cover was removed and reinstalled with water pump impeller still on it, it is possible that the pump gear was mis aligned. When the case bolts are torqued down before cases seating flush the gear breaks and drops in oil. I have done it myself being impatient. Also, on my 2010 the head gasket can be put on two ways, the rear has more holes. I am assuming inlet/outlet. More flow in to cool and heated coolant pushes through less holes (dunno how much that effects cooling). Also, possibly incorrect head gasket, check all hoses for good flow. Thats all I got.

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