Help make my RMZ turn!

2013 RMZ 450. Thirty hours on her now. Have played with my sag a little, fork hieght and also some compression and rebound. Feels good to me just not as good as I expected I suppose. I have a hard time hitting the inside sometimes. Ruts are no issue at all just wants to push a little. Coming off 09 yz 450 which I could corner better on than my new RMZ. I have always been proficient at corners, rutted or not, now I feel I am lagging behind in them, not normal for me. Help guys, please. Rode my buds 13 kx 250 and 13 crf 250. I could immediately cut sharper and faster on them. I realize they are much lighter, just surprised me. weigh 200 without gear. sag 105 forks 5mm up in clamps. Spring preload at four turns in. rebound at 10 out. forget what my compression is. Don't like the fact that I can out corner my new ride on my 09 yzf. THANKS!

Wow ive heard of some issues with the 13 but cornering aint one of them, mine will take any inside line like a hot knife through butter and it will take big sweeping outside arcs just as good.

I took out 4 face shims from the fork compression stack,(I may take out another 2) I think theres 16 of them! crazy stiff. I should make a thread and post photos on how to do it and what to take out. Took about 10 minutes to revalve it. But night and day better than stock.

Im 90kg

sag 105mm


320cc Oil

Compression 9 out

Rebound 12 out

Preload 3 In


High speed compression 2 out

Low speed comp 10 out

Rebound 12 out

I don't get it either. Bothering me though. I am one of those guys that could pass people on the outside of turns! I have also taken oil out of my right fork leg, 40cc of it. Is it possible that with all the compression I am not settling into the corners like I should? Rota, what is your fork height? Did you notice a difference in your corners after removing some of the compression or just less harsh? Thanks!

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FWIW...My bike set-up:

Stock....Front and Rear. 200 lbs. in gear

100 sag

Forks 3mm from bottom of cap. (Raising the front actually helped turning. Had a little wiggle that went away after raising the front end). I'm thinking a lower front end will sometimes turn early, then push the front end making it seem the wheel is washing out.

Rotaholic, it would be much appreciated if you could post a how to with pics. I`ve wanted to tear into suspension for years and now really need to. This bike beats me up on the hard stuff. Thanks

Rotaholic, it would be much appreciated if you could post a how to with pics. I`ve wanted to tear into suspension for years and now really need to. This bike beats me up on the hard stuff. Thanks

I will do it this week for sure, I was hoping someone had done it myself but couldn't find anything out there, suspension is pretty taboo amongst riders and tuners so lets piss a few people off and help a few people out at the same time :ride:

Will try and get it done tomorrow night NZ time

What are your settings in the rear?

Interesting topic, I am struggling with the same thing! First ride the bike was pushing the front end and it was washing out on me.

Little history - 03 yz250f, 06 yz450f, 08 yz450f, 225lbs without gear, 6'-4" tall, 48 year old b-c vet mx racer. Picked up the RM in March and re-sprung the shock (6.3 kg/mm) and revalved the fork and shock with RaceTech parts. All this was before riding (season started late this year). Installed Windham bend bars. I resprung and revalved all three Yamahas as well. First mistake was setting the preload from the build sheets instead of measuring. I figured I would confirm at the track but was too anxious to ride. Really struggled with front end pushing and washing out. Back home checked the sag and it was way off, close to 115mm, reset to 100mm. Next ride corners were better, but still not the effortless turning I remember from riding a 2005 RM. Fork pretty harsh as well. Tried backing off compression, 2 clicks at a time, until I was 18 turns out, better but still not like the YZ. Next I reset the compression back to 12 turns and increased the preload on the fork, about 5 clicks in for a total of 8 I believe. This improved the fork, and I am now out about 14 clicks on the compression. Considering removing some oil but am using all but the last inch of travel right now. Fork oil levels are L320, R350. Third time out was Saturday (yes, only about 2 hours on the bike) and the cornering and ride is getting better. I didn't adjust anything this time and I think I am faster than I was on the YZ, although my arms and hands are pretty beat about 12-15 minutes into a moto, and the track wasn't too brutal as far as braking and acceleration bumps go.

I am thinking about removing a little oil from the forks next, and adjusting the fork tube height in the clamps (close to stock right now I think). I'm tempted to go back in the fork and pick a softer compression stack, but it seems pretty close. Also have to add in the fact I haven't been riding for six months and the season normally starts off pretty rough on the hands and arms.

Overall however, I am extremely happy with the bike and am confident we will get it dialed in. :rolleyes:


Just a little update: talked to RaceTech and they advised on even softer mid and base valve stacks, and more float. This finally got the fork plush, maybe even a little too plush as I had to go up on the compression adjustment a little. What I was able to observe at this point was that there wasn't enough rebound dampening, and some of the harshness in the front end was actually coming from the shock. Went in about 6 turns and the difference was amazing.

Being comfortable enough with the bike I finally raced it on Sunday, 40+ Intermediate, and I found a big improvement over the Yamaha. Faster lap times and better result. Was able to put the bike where I wanted in the corners much more easily.

i dont know how any one could like these forks stock. once set up right they are great and the handling improves dramatically

Ill make your RMZ turn really well. Just Bring it to the track and I'll bring my gear

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