Fuel screw adj.

So just noticed my 09 has an aftermarket fuel screw I can play around with..

How can I tell when i reset it to all the way in does it just stop like the suspension clickers or get snug or what..

And how many turns out is safe to go? Gunna play around with it maybe get it a little bit better.. Also if u have any tips on throttle response let me know, thanks

It will bottom out. Just turn it lightly and don't force it. No more than three turns out.

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stat at two turns out then have the bike idleing turns the screw in untill you hear the motor skip a beat or stall mark this value down. Then go back to two turns out and turn the screw out this time with it idleing untill is skips studers or stalls. mark down this turn value. Then your proper position will be in the middle of the two values you wrote down. if it is less then one turn out then i believe you need to go bigger on pilot. If it is more then three then you need to go smaller on pilot

I might be wrong with when to go to a bigger or smaller pilot based on the number of turns if u go to the stickys there is write ups on jetting and i believe thats where i first read about how to set urair fuel screw

I didn't reset it because I don't feel confident because it was pretty hard to turn cus some dirt interfering I turned it out less than a 1/4 turn and that made a HUGE difference bike feels so much better especially on downhills i have more throttle.. Never payed much attention to setting stuff with the carb but I will now! The slightest change and it's such an improvement

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