jetting a newer kx 100 off idle

I just got a like new kx 100 for my son and it runs great just is a little slow off idle in neutral. What can i do to jet it better so it snaps to life like our cr 85, which feels like efi. We had a kx 85 and it snapped right up off idle too. The 100 isnt terrible just needs a quicker rev.

Okay, i rode it for the second time and it deffinately has a bog off-idle. Runs great once on the pipe and putting around in 1st or 2nd gear is good. Just a bog off-idle. I tried the air screw and turned up the idle , didnt seem to change.

Lean bog or rich bog. Sounds like a slow to mid jetting issue. Try moving the needle clip up on spot and see if that helps.

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