Anyone need a riding buddy in the SE Va area?

Hello! I am 18 and live here in Suffolk. I used to ride with my dad and brother a lot but dads always working and little brother is always on video games -_- I am beginning to race vchss scrambles and am a fairly good rider. I have done some mx track riding but definitely not comfortable doing triples or big doubles! PM if you want to ride sometime! I have a modded up 06 yz 250!

I have a 03 yz250 I just put a new top end in it. I'm looking for somewhere to ride things Saturday. I live in centerfield near Richmond. Do you know of anywhere to go? I'm from Florida and just looking for somewhere fun to ride. Trails or tracks.

Chesterfield va . Have you been riding at slades? Is there a motocross track there?

I was thinking about going to slades this weekend. It sucks ass though. There is no motorcross track. Not up kept at all. If you want a hell of an endurance ride that beats the crap out of you, slades is the place! Not a smooth patch anywhere. Rutted, four wheeler ruts in the trail that are very very deep. No jumps at all anywhere. There's some good tracks up by you. Robert track and trail (may be open may be closed), Virginia motorsports park in Petersburg, not quite sure what else is over there but I think there's a few tracks up that way

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