2009 kx250f no oil

I know I'm stupid for not checking the oil but I started my bike warmed it up took off everything seemed fine got on the gas and it died. I rolled to a stop and kick started it if fired so I kept going, I made it about 50 feet and I heard a click noise is the engine and it locked up. Kickstarter would not move at all so I pushes it back to the house realized it had no oil so I put a full quart in it and the kick starting mechanism goes down now but it's hard and it won't fire I'm 15 and only have about 200 to spend on this please help!

sorry but nothing to really say other then you need to pull motor and take it apart to spect everything. Im willing to bet the head is toast and cam journals are worn in. Theres a oil groove to lubercate where the cam sits and if there was no oil there it wears down into the head. if not there is a nozle that sprays on the crank to keep it cool that could be bad to but i think your issue is going to be top end. piston gets oil sprayed on it as well to lubercate so cylinder and piston could be bad.

like i said there is nothing no one can do on here to help untill you take the motor apart

yep bad news unfortunately.

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