2011 klx 140 no spark please help.

Recently purchased this for wife/daughter. Previous owner said it was running fine then they had it in storage for a year. Decided to sell it due to non use, then it wouldn't fire after recharging the battery. Shouldn't this be something simple? Or could it be major? Update.... fixed a couple broken wires, installed new battery. Shazamm fixed........ for about 30 mins.... last 15 minutes started bogging down then catching back up. After turning off, wouldnt start back up!!!! Not even the led light up. Found the battery dead as nails. I ASSUME stator? Is this normal for a 2011? That had been stored in garage 4 a year? Could something just be cleaned? Or is this just a kawy thing. Starting to wish red. Nobody seems to know.....

Edited by osage backroad

When you got the new battery, did you fill it or have it filled? Did you trickle charge it at 1amp correctly? What wires did you find damaged? The stator is most likely not the problem.

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