I need a new bike

I'm 14, 5'11 and 150lbs. I'm looking for a brand new bike that I can use for general riding around on trails, but eventually move towards enduro racing. I'm stuck on several bikes a Honda crf250r, yamaha yz250f or yz250 2 stroke. I just need a bike that I can grow into and one that will last a long time.

I suggest maybe even a 125 2 stoke. Have you had any riding experience before?

From his other post it looks like he has a xr400. I'm going to assume you want something lighter and with more power if you want a new bike. If you have been riding the xr400 for a while then I don't think you will have a problem getting adjusted to a 250 two stroke. If you can afford it new I hear the ktm300 is a great trail bike. I like the 250 on the trails but some people don't.

If you want a four stroke the crf450x is an awsome bike. I used to have one. If you can toss that xr400 around then you could handle the crf450 weight no problem. Just be careful with the extra power.

Ktm 200 or 250 EXC , ENDURO and light , reliable and will last if maintained

^ +1

I forgot to mention I do have a XR400. I'm trying to cut down on cost a bit as the 400 always seem to have something wrong with it. I haven't thought much about a yz125 but I will look into it.

I just looked at the 125 and for $1,000 more I could have twice the power.

Out of the 3 bikes you've listed I would see if you can get a ride from friends on the bikes to see which you prefer. Then whichever bike you can get the best deal on, go with it. All of them will be plenty of bike for the type of riding you want to do.

Two Strokes are fun. Depends on what you like tho

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